As much as I don’t want this to be true, I still think of Earth-friendly products as having an Earthy-look. But then comes along a shop like MamaOm to prove me all wrong, and help to convince me otherwise, there is absolutely nothing earthy-looking about this all-organic shop. Everything looks to be about comfort, style and, even, sexy. I adore the look of the bumble dress and, if I weren’t pregnant, it would surely already be hanging in my closet. And you can’t help but notice the mother-daughter beachwear collection. Those organic ‘kinis are anything but earthy.
So, we were introduced to MamaOm when we were sent a little Green Revolution lapshirt for the baby. Like most of their baby shirts, its unisex (score one for the “we’re not finding out” group) so its a great gift for the organic-loving, Earth-friendly parents to be. Of course, its organic, so its soffffttt. (its hard to read online, but the Green Revolution shirt says: “Live Green… Think Green… Imagine Green… Play Green… Be Green… The power of one, the power of all!” )

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