Listen up people, for those of you looking to gift a relative or spouse who was a child of the 80s or early 90s, the Nintendo NES Classic is the holiday gift you have to get. If you can find it. Because right now it’s sold out everywhere. This is the original Nintendo console that so many people grew up gaming on.

I picked up one when I was on a press trip with Nintendo last week and my entire family has been playing it non-stop since we got home. For my husband and I, it’s a walk down memory lane. For my kids, it’s encouraged phrases and comments likeold school gaming, and wow, you guys played on graphics like this?!?!? Still, they love it and they love watching us getting into it.

Some of my all time favorite games are built into this little console – which incidentally, is like 1/3 the size of the original. Here’s a photo of Nate holding the console in his hand. Teeny, see?

It comes with one game controller – if you want to play 2P, you’ll have to find another wired one online, which is also sold out. I’m stalking Amazon and hoping they come back in stock. In the meantime, lots of turns in our house and lots of comments too about “how did you grow up playing games with controllers that were not wireless!?!?”

OMG. It’s like we grew up in the Dark Ages from my kids’ perspectives.

There are 60 games all built in, including the classics you would expect like the original Super Mario and Zelda. But then there are these little nuggets of games.

Like Ghosts ‘N Goblins, which I did not remember at all by name but when my kids pulled this game up I was DYING because I remember playing hours on this game!

And one of the games I literally lived on for a year is also there: Dr. Mario. Last night my kids proclaimed I was “hacking,” because of my mad Dr. Mario skills. It appears I’ve still got it 🙂

Anyway, like I said, it’s sold out everywhere and tough to find but hopefully more will become available as we get closer to the holidays. It’s literally the best holiday gift for the nostalgic gamer on your gift list. Get the NES Classic on Amazon – you can click through but for God’s sake, don’t pay the souped up prices right now. You’ll see it has a lot of bad reviews and they are all because of the price gauging that people are doing.

It should be around $59.95 so keep checking and hopefully the price will come down – maybe even by the time I publish this review! One can hope.

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