AND THE WINNER IS….Congratulations to our lucky winner of the LeapFrog LeapPad giveaway – Marcia Campbell.  Thanks to all who entered and check back soon on Mommies With Style for additional holiday products from LeapFrog! More giveaways of new LeapFrog products coming soon!



I am thrilled to be working again with LeapFrog this holiday season to bring you some sneak peaks and great giveaways of LeapFrog’s latest releases. Today we’re starting with their hottest new item for the holidays: the LeapPad.

Just like you want an iPad, your kids are going to want to get their hands on a LeapPad. Even better, I have one to giveaway to one lucky MWS reader! Read on…

The LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is the newest all-in-one device from LeapFrog. You can play games, draw pictures, read books, hear stories, watch videos and even take your own pictures or movies! My boys have been fans of the Tag Readers and the Leapster Explorer, but the new LeapPad offers the best variety of activities. Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love the LeapPad.

Variety. Numbers, letters, shapes, words, adding, subtracting, comparing, problem-solving, time, coloring, drawing, measuring, logic, reasoning, patterns, charts, phonics, geography, foreign languages. What can’t you learn on the LeapPad? With a library of over 100 games, ebooks, apps, videos and flashcards, the LeapPad provides an endless supply of learning opportunities.

Durable. LeapFrog makes stuff for kids, and they know how kids treat things. Keep teaching your kids to be careful, but know that the LeapPad comes with a sturdy, yet sleek, outer shell, a scratch resistant screen and 2 stylus pens (though you can use your finger too).

Compatible. One of the big complaints about LeapFrog products in the past is that they kept coming out with great products! Well, that wasn’t the problem as much (Apple seems to have survived this flaw), but that the games you’d buy for one game couldn’t transfer to the new device LeapFrog was coming out with. They heard the complaints and adjusted, and the new LeapPad is compatible with all the Leapster Explorer games – and vice versa. Already own Leapster Explorer games? They’ll work on the new LeapPad. And if you buy games of the LeapPad, you can load them on your Explorer too.

Adaptable. My oldest boys are close enough in age that we have few toys that are clearly for one child or the other, but they are not at the same level academically. With the LeapPad (and many of the the LeapFrog products), you can create different log-ins for each child and set the games for each child’s level. So both my boys can help WALL-E sort trash or explore the ocean floor with Dory on the Pixar Pals game, but can answer questions and do activities set to their specific level.

Snap & Record. While previous LeapFrog products had cameras as an add-on device, the LeapPad comes with a camera and a video recorder built-in. These are fun just by themselves, but add in a few apps like Story Studio which allows you to create your own story and record it or Photo Studio where a simple photo can be stamped or drawn on to create unique final products and the fun is endless. Parents can even share their kid’s creations via Facebook or email.

Follow. I think a lot of parents may not utilize LeapFrog’s Learning Path software, but I highly recommend it. You download it onto your computer and then whenever you plug in your child’s LeapPad to update it, download new games, etc, it will track your child’s progress. Learning Path can show you which activities your child spends the most time on and which they never play, which kinds of questions they get right and which they struggle with, which skills they are learning and which they need work on. I love that while my son is enjoying playing games, reading books and doing activities on the LeapPad, I can get an individual look at different academic skills he’s developing or struggling with.

What’s in the box?

LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (with 2GB Storage)

Built-in Camera & Video Recorder

Pet Writing App

Story Studio App*

Art Studio App*

Free App Download*

USB Cable

LeapFrog Connect CD & Quickstart Guide

Extra stylus with tether

2 App Center Download Cards (value of $40 total)

1-year limited warranty

*To download these apps you must install the LeapFrog Connect Application and complete registration.

LeapFrog also sent along two of their new games – Disney Pixar Pals and Pet Pals 2. Pixar Pals has games with the characters of WALL-E, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. My 5-year-old has been loving learning about recycling and the environment with WALL-E while my 3.5-year-old is more enamored with washing, feeding and caring for his pet dog on Pet Pals 2. He thinks he’s playing with a cute computerized puppy; I know he’s learning how to count, add and subtract.

The Less Than Great. I’ve always been impressed with LeapFrog’s products, but the LeapPad truly is my favorite to-date. The two things I’m less than thrilled about are  the battery life and the price of the game cartridges. The LeapPad requires 4 AA batteries and it eats through them pretty fast. You can purchase a separate AC adapter if you know you’ll be using it at home a lot, but since we always bring these in the car on long trips, the battery life can become an issue. As for buying additional content, most of the apps you can download about $5-$10, but the game cartridges are $24.99. My kids aren’t into true video games yet, so maybe this is cheap in comparison, but this was higher than I was hoping for.

The LeapPad retails for $99 and you can buy it individually at places like Amazon, but I recommend buying one of the bundles through You’re going to want additional games and activities and the LeapFrog’s Store offers a number of different money-saving bundles to suit your needs – Reading & Writing, Reading & Math, Ultimate Boys Bundle, and bundles with $40 in app downloads. Definitely worth it.

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WIN! Here’s your chance to win a brand new LeapFrog LeapPad of your very own along with Disney Pixar Pals, Pet Pals 2 and $20 in download credits. To enter, tell us in a comment below what feature you’re looking forward to the most on the LeapPad. You can earn one additional entry for each of the following – leave a comment below to let us know you did: (1) follow LeapFrog on Facebook or (2)  Twitter, (3) tweet about the contest using the hashtag #LeapPad, (4) follow MWS on Facebook or (5) follow me on Twitter. Entries must be received by Saturday, November 5th, 11:59pm PST. One winner will be picked via and notified via email. Sorry, no P.O. boxes. US residents only.


  1. My daughter would love this. She is so good at using my husband’s phone I know she would love this…plus we have to keep trying the display out at Target and she’s very good at the demo! 🙂

  2. Jessica Lake says

    The LeapPad feature I am looking forward to is the snap and record. My son would love to take videos of everything! Including his baby sister giggling like crazy at her brother.

    I am following LeapFrog on facebook and I am also following MWS on facebook.

  3. I am following Mommies with Style on facebook

  4. Alicia Moore says

    I follow Leap Frog on facebook and now MWS, too! We have a tag reader (Love it!), so I like both the reading/writing educational programs/apps for the Leap Pad. My son is in kindergarten and is much more motivated to work with something electronic, so a stylus on the Leap Pad would beat a pencil on paper for him anyday!

  5. Jessica Lake says

    I follow MWS on facebook.

  6. My daughter started Kindergarten this year and I’m really looking forward to all of the programs that will help her with reading and math, but most of all the writing apps. She loves to practice her letters over and over – we go through so much paper and this will be so much better for the environment.

  7. Wendy Ferguson says

    I am looking forward to my almost 3 year old using the camera. He is enamored by cameras and pictures so i think he is going to be overjoyed by that feature. I follow leapfrog on Facebook.

  8. I really like that they are touchscreen and I also like they are compatible with all the Leapster Explorer games.

  9. fan of leapfrog as ethel o.

  10. also follow leapfrog on twitter as luv_to_save

  11. also follow you on twitter as luv_to_save

  12. Sara Phillips says
  13. Laurie Rhyne says

    I would love to follow my grandchildren’s progress on the leap pad along with the parents.

    I also follow leap pad on face book.

  14. I am looking forward to my 4 yr old son learning to write his letters and numbers and I know he will love the camera. He keepts asking for a camera so I think he will really love this and love the activities all the apps and games will give him. He has just started to play games on our Wii and enjoys it. I think this will be a great fun and educational toy.

  15. Paula Woodfork says

    I am most looking forward to the camera and the video recorder. My 4 year old daughter loves my Ipod she is taking pictures and recording herself doing the weather report all the time. She downloads apps and plays many games on the ipod. I think this new leap pad will make her feel like a big girl . She is also starting to read and I think this new educational tool will help her in reading and sounding out words so that it is easier for her. When I first saw the reviews for this I was in love and cant wait for her to get one and start learning. This is going to be great.

  16. Sean Carroll says

    Favorite feature is the Ipad-likeness. Our girls are constantly on our Droid phones…we need something to deter them from messing up all our apps and stuff! LOL Thanks for the giveaway

  17. Sean Carroll says

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