Its a given around here, everyone loves receiving books. So much so that one of the first things on my 5-year-old’s wishlist is “every level one and level two book ever.” Here, some suggestions to order and giftwrap for the youngest unwrappers:
Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Bath (A Book for the Bath) This version of Barnyard Dance comes with a Boynton wascloth and is teethable, not to mention tub-ready. A great gift for your littlest bather. Also check out Fifteen Animals! one of Boynton’s latest. I don’t know a parent of the ’00s, who doesn’t love reading Boynton books aloud to her baby, and this counting book, with a downloadable song, won’t fail you.
Brain Quest PreSchool: With a big trip coming up, a set of cards by Brain Quest may just be the perfect stocking stuffer. We love the preschool version (ages 4-5) as it includes numbers, rhyming words, animal riddles and lots of puzzles.
Bobo Glove and Book: What a clever way to play. This adult-sized glove has bright colors and lots of textures and noise makers–perfect for a baby. And it includes a tiny cloth book with a tiny little story. A great way for you and your littlest baby to enjoy giggles, cuddles and smiles.
The Zoo’s Shoes: If your child is shoe-tying ready, you may want to wrap up a copy of The Zoo’s Shoes, a board book that encourages kids to tie shoes, through adorable, bright illustrations: all of the animals need their shoes tied! Cleverly published in the shape of a shoe, this book can be tied shut with many, colorful laces. (Hint, teach child to tie with 2 different colored laces!)
How to Build an A. This alphabet book by Sara Midda has been quite a hit amongst the media. Each page includes a watercolored picture of a word that identifies the letter (example, an apple on the A page). But it also shows how to make the letter. Comes with 11 child-safe foam blocks to help children learn to build their letters, a la the ever popular Handwriting without Tears program. Must have fun for 2 and 3 year olds!
And before Christmas begins, be sure to get a copy of The Story of Christmas, illustrated by Carolyn Croll, retold by Mary Packard. This advent calendar includes 24 miniature board books which, together, tell the story of Christmas.

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