hotsling (2).jpg This past weekend we headed out to the farmers market with our new baby Leo in tow. And I decided that it would make perfect sense to test an organic hemp/cotton sling by Hotslings ($50) while shopping for my organic produce. I have little experience with slinging a newborn so I was a little nervous! I’d planned to bring a stroller as well, because the baby was in a fussy mood.
We piled out of the car. I was already contemplating the wisdom of testing the sling at the market as I was not relishing putting a screaming baby into the sling. Then my husband slammed the drivers door shut. And two seconds later he groaned.
“I didn’t!” he said.
But he did. He locked the keys, the diaper bag, the stroller, and everything but me, the baby, my sling and my camera, in the car.
“It’s okay… just call AAA” I said, struggling to hide my sleep deprived, what if he poops, how am I gonna hold a screaming baby for the next hr without any supplies, panic.
Leo was still screaming as I eased him into the soft cotton sling but miraculously, within about five minutes of strolling, he was out cold and sleeping angelically. Everyone at the farmers market wanted to get a good look at him, but what was nice for me was that he was close to me and not likely to be touched by germy strangers, in his little pouch.
We were both comfortable for the 45 minutes it took AAA to rescue the keys. And thankfully he did not poop!
I’m just in love with this Organic pouch sling from Hotslings. It’s so soft and the neutral color really goes with everything. The fit is very comfortable and the hemp/cotton blend has just the right amount of give for baby to feel comfy as well. And it’s not too hot or heavy for our California weather. I can tell it will be a summer favorite.
Hotslings come in a variety of prints and reversible styles as well as the Organic version I tested this week. I’m looking forward to testing one of their stretch sateen ones in the weeks to come! Order your Hotslings on the Hotslings website.


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