turbo My kids are really jazzed up to see Turbo when it hits the theaters later this week.  In conjunction with the movie opening, Mattel has put out this fun toy set – the Turbo Zipline Stunt Set Playset ($23.99 on Amazon).

It was easy to put together and a lot more fun for my boys than I thought it would be!  They spent a good part of the day the other day racing Turbos on this toy.  Mattel sent us an additional small playset with two characters to race – I recommend adding on two more characters (around $8.99) so you can race two at once.  (The Turbo Zipline Set comes with Turbo only.)

Get the Turbo Zipline Stunt Set Playset for $23.99 on Amazon.



Wath the video of my boys racing two of the Turbos (held the phone the wrong way, sorry! But you get the gist!)

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