Yo friends. It’s been awhile since I brought you a good old fashioned toy round up. I was up in New York City a couple of weeks ago for a client meeting and I ended up swinging through Blogger Bash, a blogger event that I’ve attended the last few years. They host Sweet Suite, an evening with toy brands so it’s always a great time for me get a little taste of what toys are coming for the fall and eventually the holiday season.

I cranked through quickly this year as I was also headed to a show that evening with a bestie from high school. (Miss Saigon – so good!)

Here’s a couple of highlights of toys and things that stood out for me as I walked the floor:

1) Floof (by the makers of Sands Alive) – every year I see a sample of Floof out at their table and I can’t help but play with it. This is one of those times words will fail me and you’ll just to trust me that playing with this stuff is addicting and fun. It’s soft and fluffy – great for kids and adults!

2) If your kids are as obsessed as mine with Roblox, you’ll want to check out this new line of Roblox toys from Jazwares.

3) Lots of endless possibilities for play with Magnaflex by Wowee. My kiddos love anything they can build and re-build like this. I liked the feel of these pieces being bendable and pliable for a lot of different creations.

4) This game, Beasts of Balance, came via Kickstarter and is a very cool hybrid tablet/real life game. You play God in this world you stack and create animals. It seems really unique and I love the concept and got to play a little bit myself. As it’s brand new, you don’t have a ton of buying options yet. You can buy it directly on their website but keep an eye out for this one – I foresee it being at bigger retailers soon, maybe in time for the holidays!


5) Unbored Disguises – This one game in a box of goodies after the event was over and clearly the boys had a blast playing with it. It’s not really a game so much as a box of disguise goodies but it’s definitely good for several hours of creative entertainment.


6) Skyrocket toys has these awesome VRSE virtual reality headsets coming out in September in both Batman and Jurassic Park experiences.

That’s it for now but I’ll be checking out samples & other items I saw while there and will be bringing you more reviews as we get closer to the fall and eventually the holidays.

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