pawparazzi.jpg They’re glamorous and famous. They sport megawatt bling, have their own fashionable handbags and chi chi accessories and are always ready for a photo op. Their wild adventures are chronicled in magazines dedicated to them and their friends. Often found travelling in packs, they like to hang with friends. And they always wear real fur!
Ok, maybe it’s synthetic. And maybe these petit celebs are full of stuffing. But Pawparazzi Pets are so cute that you and your kids have got to love them. Since receiving one of these collectible critters to review, my daughters have parted with precious allowance money to purchase another “famous” pal.They love toting the pets around in their little bags, and I love that the accessories etc, stay contained. I suspect that we’ll be welcoming even more Pawparazzi into our home in the future.
These cute little pet sets are available in stores like Nordstrom and online at FAO Schwarz . Check them out – they make perfect gifts for girls from 4 to 10 years old.

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