A couple of weeks ago, I came home to a package from Paper Mate’s PR folks.  Inside were their new InkJoy pens, and a funky lock box.  Nate (8) immediately honed in on the lock box as it has a cool function – rather than opening by key, it uses fingerprint technology to open.  He and my husband set the box to their thumbs and the box (and the cool new colorful InkJoy pens) have now been stolen and locked away from Mom’s hands forever more.

We’ve  had several laughs about it since and I have to say, this new campaign by Paper Mate is definitely clever.  They put this out on Facebook – 100% of Office Coworkers who were polled admitted to having stolen a pen from another coworker at one time or another.  Oh, the shame of it!

And I’ll come clean.  I’ve stolen pens.  From doctor’s offices, my old office when I worked and friend’s houses.  Although I will also say I always steal by accident. (But shocking, 23% of the co-workers polled admitted that they stole a pen on purpose!!)

Seriously, isn’t this whole thing kind of funny?  But it does get you thinking about pens, right?  How many have you stolen in your day?

Check out more about Paper Mate’s new InkJoy pens on PaperMate.com and visit their Facebook page to enter a fun sweepstakes to win!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a collection of the new Ink Joy pens as well as a lock box.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Haha that is funny! Ive stolen a lot in my day!!!!

  2. I admit I have probably ‘kleptoed’ a pen or two . . . . not many. . . (by accident of course!) and only very inexpensive ones by the way. PLUS important to note, I always LEAVE pens whenever I go- You see, I always walk with a pen in hand(only cheap pens also- the only kind i like!- I do NOT like to use fancy schmancy ones so those I NEVER will pick up- ony the bic or pilot G-2’s which I love ) I calculate I have, in all probablility, left more than picked up- since i am always buying a pack at Walmart to replenish my supply. . .

  3. p.s will have to try the new PaperMate Ink Joy pens you mention in your article – always on the lookout for a new fun pen.

    • you’d like it Mom – you know how I tend to like ball point better than ink? these are the kind you like – come in lots of fun colors too

      • Again i am sorry but i also need to ask this, i am getting very anoenyd with the urban, when i write, it will write fine for a while, the ink is nice and coloured black, and it looks black, but after a while, it will fade, i have a cartridge in it and i am wondering, is the feed or the place that takes in the ink broken? It has a cartridge but just starts to fade, i hope that was a good explanation. What should i do? Thank you very very much for all your help.

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