Meal planning is one of those things I do in spurts. I’ll do it for awhile, stop and then when I start again, I think, why did I ever stop doing this?

I’ve started meal planning again this week thanks to and I’m once again reminded how much healthier we eat and how much money I save at the grocery store when I plan ahead.

I’ve rejoined, the online service that gives me a printable weekly meal plan with recipes along with a shopping list to go along with my plan.

The grocery list is divided up into grocery aisle sections – making it nice and easy when you go shopping!

There are plenty of meal plans available on – you select what’s right for you and your family. Some options include a gluten-free meal plan, low-fat, portion-control, natural & organic and many more.

We’re trying the Clean Eating Meal Plan – which is a plan that involves simple foods that are fresh and unprocessed for the most part. This week’s plan includes Shrimp & Lemon Spaghetti, Parmesan Crusted Chicken w/Olives and more!

Other than the fact that I totally sliced my finger while peeling potatoes this week (which I seem to do EVERY time I peel potatoes!), it’s been a breeze. And I also shaved a good $50 off my normal grocery bill. (no joke!) I think I tend to overshop without the meal plan and throw out foods. This seems to be keeping me focused when I’m in the store!

Here’s to hoping I stick with it this time around – it’s clearly better for everyone! I’ll report back to let you guys know how I’m doing and you guys be sure and let me know if you join in too; I’d love to hear how you like it.

Also worthy of noting – I noticed they added options in each plan for families or smaller groups – you can opt for the “Family Menu (3-6 servings)” or the “For 2 Menu (1-2 Servings)” – good for empty nesters or single folks!

Check out to help you with any number of New Years Resolutions! There’s something for everyone there and you can get onto a plan for as little as $5/month (and be sure to use the coupon below to get an even better deal!)

New Year, New You Save 15% with code NEWYEAR – Expires February 10

And have a looksie at some photos I took making last night’s dinner!  Potato & Rosemary Soup!  Paired it with some fresh bread from the bakery at the grocery store and everyone loved it! (Chicken broth based and not cream so not fattening either!)




  1. What’s for dinner tonight? Sounds intersting especially if it’s going to save money as well as calories!!!

  2. Yum on that soup pictured! I will check eMeals out right now!

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