Apparently, dozens or more – as this is all we’ve been watching these days. I added the Ant Bully to my NetFlix queue one day, not really knowing much about it. It came about two weeks ago and there’s no way we’re sending it back anytime soon. It’s ALL my older son asks for – we watch it for a bit before he goes to bed, when he comes in to wake us in the morning, it’s to wake us and say, “can I watch the ant movie again?”
He’s even quoting it now. Today he tasted some new yogurt and I asked him, “how is it?” He responded, “Awesome Mom! Just like Lucas says!” (Lucas being the main character in the movie.)
It’s a nice little movie that surprised me – surprising in that I hadn’t heard more about it – it’s really cute. The graphics are great and it holds my 3-year-olds interest much more than most other “popular” movies. In fact, this one may even give Toy Story a run for its money if my son were to write a “my favorite movies” list. At least for now, until the next one comes along…
You can buy the Ant Bully on Amazon for $16.99, get free shipping when you buy $25 worth of eligible products. It has a fun cast too: Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep are the voices of some of the main character ants.

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