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15350565_1182818015134313_2821604523506138888_n (First pic: Freshman Year Second pic: Sophomore Year)

Everyone knows about the Freshman 15 and yeah it is real.

So many people go to college their first year and gain weight, but don’t worry it’s NORMAL. It is important to remember your first year of college is a HUGE adjustment. You change locations, friends, and let’s be honest your entire lifestyle. So, if you start to gain a few pounds…relax. There are ways to get back on track and avoid the freshman 15.

Create a routine:

After you get a feel for your schedule and school, make yourself a realistic routine. Set a decent bed time and wake up time. This will help you maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, and sleep is SO important in college. Once you’ve established a good sleep schedule you will have more energy for the gym! Which brings me to my next tip

Be active:

During the week, set an hour aside for the gym. Not only will this help you avoid the freshman 15, it will also increase study habits. Being active is good for so many reasons and will help freshen your mind and body. You will see a huge impact on your energy levels once getting into a good gym schedule. ALSO. I KNOW you all have an hour to dedicate to the gym or a run or something. I am a D1 athlete who spends around 2-3 a day at the gym. It is realistic to set an hour aside so do it and STICK TO IT!! If you have never been into working out, start small and increase over time! Having a workout buddy will help motivate you, or if you enjoy your alone time then gym time is a perfect time to relax and de-stress. For more motivation, check out my last post on tips to getting fit. Side note: always walk to class! For me, since my campus is so small this is a no brainer. But, for those of you on bigger campuses allow yourself enough time to walk to and from class.

Selective Snacking:

Let’s be honest, we all love snacking. The important thing in college is to keep healthy snacks available. Fill your shelf with granola, protein bars, nuts, fruit, etc. This will at least help keep your snacking on the healthier side. My personal biggest weakness is late night snacking. If you can avoid this at all costs!! Setting up a routine will help you avoid the late night hunger, but if you’re anything like me I get bored and eat. What has helped me the most is limiting my options in my room with these smaller, healthier treats. Try it out. Mangos are my favorite.

Don’t Deprive:

You’re young and in college! Do not spend your first year stressing about meal plans and workouts. Treat yourself every now and then to some ice cream, pizza, whatever you love! For me, the weekends are always a treat going out, late night eating, the whole thing. I then dedicate my week to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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