Seeing as I’m currently out of town, I knew I’d have to get creative with this week’s Pinspiration post.  I was thinking that I’d try another fitness pin but then I remembered this pin – How to Create a Custom & Transparent Watermark in PicMonkey.

I’m not gonna retype all of her instructions because I think she does a pretty fab job of doing it on her own but I tried it out as I’m a HUGE fan of PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is a free online photo editor.  There’s a premium membership you can purchase which I use – it’s $33 a YEAR.  You seriously can not beat that price with any other photo editing software.  I was previously using a $30/month subscription to Photoshop which admittedly does a lot more – but if you’re only looking to do some basic photo editing and image creation, PicMonkey’s for you.

So after making a little watermark without much thought or time (this was seriously only a few steps!)  The key to this whole thing was download her transparent background graphic so you could make your watermark.

Once I did that, I was able to choose a font, type my site name and add a little stamp – I went with this cute flower branch but you can obviously brand it with your logo or favicon or something that brands you as being you:


Then it was literally as easy as opening up my sunset photo.  The key next was adding “my own” overlay.  I opened up my saved watermark file and voila!:


And this is why Pinterest rocks.  10 minutes and I learned something completely useful and easy that will help improve my blogging life.

Pinspiration is a weekly series I do on Tuesdays with 3 other fabulous bloggers. We take one pin we saw that week and recreate it – it can be beauty, a recipe, fitness-related or pretty much just about anything! It gives us an excuse to try something new. We have a linky below where you can join in too – we’d love to have you! Try it next week – what inspires you on Pinterest? Try it! Post about it and let us know how it went!


  1. I pic monkey it is well worth the $33 where as i still use Lightroom for mass resizing and watermarking Picmonkey is my editing tool much easier to use from photoshop,

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