My third grader is pretty obsessed with Minecraft, so being one of the Minecraft characters was an obvious Halloween choice for him this year. We googled “Minecraft Halloween costumes” and I was surprised at how little turned up. From what we found, it seemed that being either a Creeper or Steve (the main guy/you) would be the easiest to do.

Nate opted for Steve – he wanted to be able to carry the Minecraft Foam Sword (purchased from Amazon for $22, via ThinkGeek products). The head was the challenge. Because this is Steve – we have jeans for the bottom and a green tee but the pixelated head is what makes the costume:

To be honest, the head took longer that we thought it would but it was still easy enough – it was more time consuming than anything!

Here’s what you need:
One head sized brown cardboard box
Various pieces of felt in white, brown (several shades of brown)
Felt glue

Your best bet is to print out a picture of a Steve head from the variety of Minecraft Steve head images available on Google, or feel free to use ours up above! It’s more a matter of getting the coloring right to make sure the head works.

Then cut out little 1×1 inch square pieces of felt and get gluing!

Tip: glue an old baseball cap on the top inside of the box to keep the “head” secure while you or your child is wearing the Steve head (otherwise it kind of bobbles around a little)

Same can be done with a Creeper head too. Best of luck!


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  2. Adrian Dennington says

    That looks nothing like steve…you can just buy a steve head on a lot of websites for just 15 dollars but all i can say is wow just terrible.

  3. I think it looks good, homemade costumes are the best and I’m sure your little guy was thrilled with how it turned out! My 4th grader and I was also going to attempt this because after looking online there wasn’t much out there and I wasn’t going to pay a lot of money to ship a box to me. lol. Luckily enough we ended up running across the swords at Target and on the bottom of the shelf they had creeper and steve flat head boxes. $20 and all we had to do was put the box together. You did awesome momma! 🙂

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