It occurred to me only a bit ago that no electric means that I won’t be able to post for a few days. Kind of amazing that that thought only *just* occurred to me – that I can’t post! Normally not posting would definitely be top of my to-do totem pole but I’ll admit I’m a bit freaked out about the impending storm and not thinking about blogging as much as I usually would.

I’m in Philly, so ya know, direct path here:

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A year ago, Irene hit here but we were ironically out of town in Florida, who skipped getting much of the hurricane at all! At the time, I thought being away was really traumatizing as I worried about friends and our cats – but I gotta say, it’s pretty nerve-wracking being here facing down the brunt of it too!

We’re as stocked up as we can be – several cases of water, lots of bread and non-perishables and batteries all over the house. My boys have cancelled school for the next two days. Still, it’s definitely stressful not knowing if we’ll have power in the coming days. I’m hopeful as we rarely lose power in our development but you never know, right?

Anyway, if I’m quiet for a few days – you guys know why! And Mid-Atlantic friends, stay safe!!


  1. Stay safe!!! Keep us posted while you still have power!!!

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