tastyleo.jpgRecently we tested a line of fresh frozen organic baby food that had us cracking up. Strange thing to say, I know but if you’ve ever read the website I Can Has Cheezeburger and seen the ironically captioned images of fat “lolcats” pining over tempting treats, then you can appreciate the look of sheer drooling drama on my very own LOLbaby when presented with Tastybaby baby food. Poor thing was beside himself with the yumminess.
My son already had discriminating taste. I’ve been preparing his food fresh at home but apparently I have not been doing it quite right. I’ve not mastered the combinations, spices or freshest organic ingredients, perhaps. Hard to say. All I know is that while my homemade food may be palatable, Tastybaby food is Gourmet. It’s the STUFF. Note: Maybe this is why a fight broke out amongst the older children over who got to eat the leftover Bangos. Except there were no leftovers. The container was licked clean. My husband, meanwhile, ended up eating the Mama Mia entrees. And he only got to do this because the baby is not eating wheat products yet. The baby looked pretty peeved that Daddy was scarfing his food!
One thing I really love about the Tastybaby line of food is that Amazon.com ships it for free. Another great thing is that they have incredible recipes on their site, incorporating their foods into family friendly recipes. If you have older picky eaters you might want to look into ordering some of these delicious pureed food in order to sneak a little healthy nutrition into everyday fare.
Even though I make my baby’s food myself 80% of the time, I am so glad to be able to have Tasty Baby entrees on hand in the freezer/fridge. It makes life so much easier when we are headed to Grandma’s or have run out of fresh ingredients to make our own. It’s a much healthier and tastier option than the overcooked, nearly tasteless “shelf stable” standard baby fare.


  1. Wow this food sounds awesome…I have got to try it! If it is good enough for your husband to eat then it must be delicious!

  2. Sasha Desmarais says

    Tastybaby mom here. Bangos and Life’s A Peach are my daughter’s favorite flavors. In terms of quality and taste it’s miles above jarred baby food (even jarred organic isn’t close). I’m not a crunchy mom but I do believe that babies need chemical-free food so organic is a priority when it makes sense. Tastybaby all the way! PS. The free shipping on Amazon rocks my world!!!!

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