I don’t know what it is about hats, but I’m a sucker for them on a baby or preschooler. My son wouldn’t wear one as a toddler but recently has been into wearing them again — which has me more than thrilled, as I have a whole collection of “too cute” winter hats ready for wear this winter.
One of these hats we recently received was a La Folie Knit. I have to tell you guys, I’m playing it straight when I tell you that I’m legitimately laughing as I type this review at the memory of him with his La Folie Knit on. Yes, it’s that cute.
The hat he has is the one pictured, appropriately called the “Giggle.” (Nate’s is in black, not pink, c’mon guys, I’m not THAT bad.) Their other hats are adorable as well. (Check out the “Harf-pint,” a hat and scarf morph-combo.)
Every item at La Folie Knits is hand-knit, expressing it’s own personality unique only to itself. Be sure to also check out their scarves, sweaters and blankets.
Get 10% off your order on the La Folie Knit website by using coupon code MWS10 in the message section of the order form.

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