Tell me this isn’t insane.  We chopped this down fresh, we watered it right away and consistently, and this is the state of our tree this morning on Christmas Eve.  It started drying out after only about a week.  We’ve had it since December 4th.

Here is the current base.  I have to vacuum at least once a day and I’ve been sweeping as well because there are so many needles falling, I’m afraid I’m going to clog the vacuum. 20111224-093326.jpg

Here’s what I swept up this morning:


And just so you can see the depth of how much it was (and this was only about half as I had to use the vacuum on the rest):


Crazy, right?  It’s almost enough to make me want to go artificial next year.  We’re taking it down Christmas night after the kids go to bed, which makes me sad but I know we don’t have a choice as this thing is clearly a fire hazard.  (Do not freak out Mom!  It will not catch fire, we are being careful!)

All I can guess is that must have been diseased.  It’s the only explanation for this needle shedding insanity.  But bah humbug!  Having a crappy tree for the season sure is a buzz kill.


  1. Be very careful!!! Any chance of getting another today?

    • Aunt Brenda – ugh, no. Too much. Maybe if we had done it a week ago. Getting it out is going to take awhile and for us to re-decorate a tree… it took us 4 hours to decorate this one. I just didn’t want to reinvest the time, especially so late. It’ll come down tomorrow the instant the kids go to bed tomorrow night. Not what I wanted to be doing Christmas night tho!
      Our neighbors have a beautiful tree – hardly any needles have dropped and it was only $27! Unheard of! Totally going there next year.

      • Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Talked to Santa and he told me he had some really special toys for the boys!!!!

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