Hey guys, I got this email from a friend and wedding/family photographer (who btw, takes AMAZING family photos. For any of those local to Philly, check her out at DinaRose.com). She sent this web link over today and I could not stop laughing.
If this baby were out of me and not still in, you can bet this would be his costume. How hysterical is this? You gotta love it. For any of you who haven’t gotten their babies a costume yet, check out this Air Freshener costume.


  1. Liesel Pollvogt says

    This is so AWESOME! I might have to borrow someone's baby just so I can dress him/her in this costume. I don't think my three-year-old would go for it!

  2. mantomarantina says


    it’s my first topic here
    i hope to be happy with you

    thank you

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