Poor Cole. He obviously has some sort of seasonal allergy to the grass/outdoors. We have a very far away allergist appointment to get the official word but I know he must have something like his Dad does – an allergy to grass, pollen or both.

His eczema has been worse than ever these last few weeks and it directly correlates to when he plays outside. On the days he has T-ball, he’ll be crying in bed about how much his skin itches and sure enough the patches of eczema are flared up.

We had been trying a combination of allergy medicine and lotions until I did an online search for kids with similar itchy leg stories. One woman on a message board SWORE by this – Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream (on sale for $11.49 at Drugstore.com). I didn’t even know Neosporin made products other than those for cuts and aches. I figured we had nothing to lose and ordered some.

BEST $12 I EVER SPENT. Seriously. I was even skeptical when I opened it up and went to apply it for the first time – it seemed a bit watered down and not like the usual lotion we’d use on Cole’s legs.

This lotion from Neosporin is totally soothing to him. It seriously soothes his itch on contact and we have had many happier nights since discovering it.


  1. Thanks so much for the information. I tried this last night for my little man….and it worked beautifully. Took away all the redness within 2 hours and he wasn’t itching at all this morning. I found all the products at RiteAid and they are on sale for $9 each (down from $15). Neosporin….quality products always!

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