Me in my new pair of glasses. Aren't they cute?

Whenever I hear about a promo to get something free like a pair of glasses, I always feel like it’s some kind of scam.  Free glasses?  There has to be a catch.  I’m always so skeptical – it sounds scammy, right?  

But Julie told me about this deal at; she had met them at a conference and it sounded legit so I checked it out.  

The timing was great – I had literally just been to the eye doctor and had my prescription in hand. I had never filled an eyeglasses prescription anywhere but at my eye doctor’s office – where I’m sure I get totally ripped off on price. 

I love the fun detailing on the side

The process of putting my script into could not have been easier.  They even have a nifty little virtual tool where you can measure your head and space between your eyes to make sure you get the right fit. 

I did have to pay $16 for shipping and processing.  But really, $16 for a pair of brand new prescription glasses? they came within two weeks. 

They are the Laura Ashley Cleone’s in Raspberry.  Aren’t they cute?

So they are having another free promo – it starts at 9 am PT this Thursday on Facebook.  Go and like and be sure to get ready to get your own free pair!  They will put the code up at that time.  Last time they gave away 10,000 pairs – if you follow them on Facebook they’ll make the announcement and you can do the same!


  1. Wow! They look great!
    I am in need of new glasses, I will try to do this!

  2. OK I am in dire, DIRE need of new glasses. I call mine (affectionately of course) my nerds. They are horrid. One of the lenses keeps popping out. Thank God for contacts but I may have to order these!!!!!!

  3. Em & Jamie, do it! They came super fast and I am loving them. It’s just one of those things you think, “free glasses? yeah riiiiiiiiight” but it was legit!

  4. Thanks Whitney, I just ordered my pair! Can’t wait to get them. : )

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