BOB.  The love of my life.  This might seem like a bit of a problem since my husband’s name is Greg, but he seems to understand.  He loves BOB too.  Why?  Because BOB is our stroller.  In my years as a writer and product reviewer, I have had the opportunity to try out hundreds of products, but there are only a precious handful that make it to my ultimate favorites list.  Without a doubt, the BOB Revolution stroller tops the list.

img_6535 While many baby products and gear have a limited use period, a stroller is one piece of gear that you’ll use for years.  When I was pregnant, I read story after story of parents claiming to have 3, 4 even 5 different strollers.  My husband and I didn’t have the money or the space to acquire a stroller fleet so I was desperate to find one do-it-all stroller.  Then I met the BOB Revolution.

First, let’s just get it out of the way – they are expensive (though not the priciest on the market), but be prepared to be convinced why they are totally worth it.  Plus, it’s probably cheaper (and definitely less space) than buying 4 different strollers.  Brace yourself – you’re about to fall in love… (and check back on Thursday for more info on how to win a BOB of your own!)

The Body:  Here’s what you’re getting – An aluminum alloy frame which makes it tough and durable while still being img_6536 lightweight.  Two 16” rear wheels that perform well on all sorts of terrains (Target to trail hikes) and one 12.5” front wheel that can be locked straight for jogging or be allowed to swivel freely.  Prepare to swoon – BOB is the only stroller I know of that has a fine-tune adjustment knob to ensure that your locked wheel actually goes straight.  All the time. No pulling to the left.  No pulling to the right.  Just….straight. Plus there are adjustable shock absorbers.  Yes, shocks…on your stroller.  And they are adjustable for pushing older kids or serious trail runners.  Even if you don’t know what shocks really are, I promise you, your little riders will definitely appreciate them.

The Push: If I had to narrow it down to just one, my favorite thing about the BOB Revolution would have to be the push.  And this is pretty important because really pushing is the main thing you do with a stroller.  Some strollers claim to have one-handed maneuvering.  I’m trying to get BOB to adopt my claim for their Revolution stroller – one-FINGER maneuvering.  It’s that simple.  I’ve even been known to steer it with my elbow if I happen to also be drinking a latte and setting up a playdate on the phone during one of our morning strolls.

When I first purchased the Revolution, I was pretty sure it would be a great running/jogging/walking stroller, but would it really work as an every day stroller?  A Target/Trader Joes/Old Navy kind of stroller? Absolutely!  I don’t know how they got the Revolution to have such an incredible turning radius, but they did and it makes me want to kiss each and every one of their designers full on the mouth.

img_6533 The stroller handles curbs with ease and performs well on dirt roads, cobblestone paths and according to this sweet video, pretty darn well on snow and ice too. (Visit here, click on “Safe To Go” and choose the “I AM MOM” video.)

The BOB Revolution has 23” between the back wheels (31” on the Duallie) which means you have to try hard if you want to kick the tires. Plus, the Revolution handlebar has a cushy foam thing on it so it’s nice to hold and the continuous 41” handlebar works well for both 5’6” me and my 6’1” husband.

The Ride: Are you ready?  I’m about to share my one beef with the BOB Revolution.  The seats, even in their up-most position, have a bit too much recline for me.  This is ideal for jogging, running and general lounging during a walk, but for curious kids who want to get a good look at the passing garbage truck or check out that sleeping cat, they’ll end up occasionally leaning forward out of the seat to get a better view.  That being said, the seats are big enough (15”x21”x10”), comfy enough (back padding and harness covers) and have mesh pockets on either side to hold drinks and special toys.  The shocks ensure a smooth ride whatever the terrain and the generous canopy with large peek-a-book window blocks sun, wind and rain with ease.

Style & Storage:  If you’re looking for a stroller that will make others drop their jaw in amazement and exclaim, “What a fashionista!” than BOB may not be the best fit for you.  It’s more form and function than fashion.  More utilitarian.  But if you want people to wonder things like: “I bet she run a lot.” “How does she get so many errands done with a baby and not seem to break a sweat?” “Look how fast and easily she maneuvered through those aisles!” then you and BOB Revolution may be a match made in heaven.  The Revolution is available in five eye-catching colors; two for the Duallie.

img_6538 Under-seat storage on strollers seems notorious for claiming to be much more functional than it is.  But the BOB Low Bay Cargo Basket, as they call it, is large, strong and accessible.  I love that it has a sturdy bottom and the two gallons of milk I often am picking up only take up about half the space (I can fit three gallons across in my Duallie).  I also love how the top of the canopy doubles as a storage area holding everything from sweatshirts and snacks to a bag of groceries on the way home from the store.  There is also a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat to stash even more.

Though I wish it came with the stroller, I also recommend the optional Handlebar Console that provides you with two cup holders and a zippered pouch to keep your essentials close at hand.

Fallen in love yet?  Here’s one more reason…

img_6544 The Fold: The BOB Revolution has a simple two-step fold.  First, squeeze the conveniently-located red levers at the side of the handlebar and push the handlebar forward.  This folds the stroller in half and exposes another red handle which you pull to collapse the stroller or pick it up.  You can also lock it closed by wrapping the wrist strap around the handlebar while the Revolution is folded.

Do you feel your heart fluttering a bit?  Butterflies in your stomach?  Then head on over to  Just be sure and tell your husband so he doesn’t wonder who this new BOB is you keep gushing about.

Check back on Thursday to learn how you can win your very own BOB!  I’ll give you a hint – it involves spandex….


  1. I am so glad to hear you love BOB. Im having my first baby in September and I am a very active person.. I walk, run, cycle.etc. After much research on many strollers and test drove a few I decided to register for this one as well. It looks like I made the right choice, and yes it maybe a little on the higher price point..but definitely not the highest and no travel systems here.. ha ha ha thanks for sharing!

  2. Folding trucks minimize risk but one still needs to be careful with them – push the truck forwards at all times instead of backwards. Keep an eye out also on your environment so don’t carry something where you may slip or trip, clear the path beforehand, this means no soap, oil spills or obstacles.

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