You guys. This book. I am so full of attachment for the characters after having just finished it that I’m going to have to sit for awhile before I start another book.

It’s called Lilac Girlsand you need to buy it/download it NOW if you’re a reader and a lover of historical fiction. Man am I still reeling from this amazing read.

I think I can pretty confidently say this is my favorite book of 2016 (especially since I got the Nightingale in at the end of 2015).

I’m telling you all now, Lilac Girls is the next book on everyone’s book club. It’s still only in hardcover as it came out in April so you will be hearing more about this book.

The story itself is historical fiction but it’s based on actual events and two of the three main characters are actual people who existed in real life, which made the story that much more powerful to me. The book spans decades and follows three women before, during and after World War II.

I actually knew very little about this book when I started it – I had seen it recommended by a friend on Goodreads months ago and sort of set the recommendation aside in my mind. I actually love that I didn’t know too much so I’m not going to give away too much of the plot to you guys – if you want to read the jacket cover you can check it out on Amazon.

I’ll tell you the basics – three woman, one American, one Polish and one German during World War II. The book does take you to Ravensbruck, an all-women’s concentration camp in Germany where Nazi doctors experimented on women. Parts of the story are not for the faint of heart. The women do intersect at times but the personal stories do remain somewhat separate. I learned a bit of brutal history that I did not know but I was riveted learning about it.

If you liked the Nightingale, add theLilac Girlsto your must-read list and tell me what you think when you finish it!

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