I’m sent a lot of cleansing products. So my boys have become model testers. There are times when we all say “ewww” and wash out the product a zillion times to get the yucky perfumes out. There are other times when we try to pull a comb through, and get a bunch of grease. So, I’m finally happy to tell you I found a great product.
Nature’s Baby Products are made from 100% all natural ingredients. We’re fans of the Vanilla Tangerine Shampoo and Body Wash, as well as the conditioner. “Fans” may not be a strong enough word. To say I’m obsessed with it may be a little more accurate. The vanilla tangerine scent is one of the most pleasing, calming and sweet scents I’ve ever experienced. I find that I’m leaning over to kiss the top of his head more often than ever before. Its super soft, too. He usually has coarse hair that my husband has described as almost straw-like, but after using Nature’s Baby Products, the feeling is back to baby-soft.
Celebrity fans of Nature’s Baby Products include Kate Hudson and Courteney Cox. You’ll be a fan, too. Customers will receive 15% off with code Mommies.

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