Sometime over the winter, a friend of mine posted a video of this guy, Spandy Andy. He was dancing around to “I’m Sexy And I Know It” on a beach in Australia in a pair of speedos. It was hysterical. The part that had me laughing the most was people’s reactions. Spandy Andy was just having so much fun and everyone around him couldn’t help but laugh.

I ended up fanning his page on Facebook and I just love his daily updates. He’s in Edinburgh now which I am particularly enjoying because I studied abroad there. He was also in London for the Olympics. (Where he got stopped by the police every day to ask him what he was doing. I guess it does look a little curious to see a guy dancing around in his underwear.

But I had to share. Because it’s so ridiculous and fun and you can’t help by smile. I dare you not to smile or laugh at this video.


  1. LOL! Hilarious.

  2. ps – the look on his face is what gets me laughing. He’s thrilled!

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