I love you to infinity!! Love is an indescribable feeling, something that can’t be valued quantitatively. But for children not having a true definition or something to compare love to can be confusing.
Laura Duksta (author) and Karen Keesler (illustrator) created a treasury in I Love You More, a story that compares love to immeasurable, but identifiable objects. Along vibrant images, a mother tells her child of her love for him, as only a mother could: “I love you brighter than the brightest star ever shown.”
But when the Mom’s details are completed, and tears are falling down the reader’s cheeks, knowing that the descriptions of the Mom’s love is completely right on, its time to reveal that the story isn’t over. Flip the book, and start again. This time, when the mother question’s her child’s love, the child ansewrs in ways that describe love through a little one’s mind: “I love you more than the furthest frog ever leaped.”
With dozens more explanations of absolute love, reading I Love You More fills one’s hearts and imaginations with the ultimate: LOVE. With a 5-star Amazon rating, this beautiful and real book becomes a treasure on the bookshelves of children of all ages: 0-100.


  1. […] by Just Precious on April 12, 2011 · 0 comments When Big was born, my grandmother gifted us a copy of I Love You More, a flip book that tells two stories of love, both with ending with a big, mutual hug in the middle. I teared up reading it the first several times. (Read my review.) […]

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