Have you ever had buyer’s remorse?

Gotten something home and just been totally down on yourself about WHY you thought you’d want that shirt/wall print/whatever? Done the whole, WHAT WAS I THINKING song and dance?

Since I tend to overshop, I’d say I am the queen of it.  But sometimes, I also get  didn’t-buy-regret (is there an actual name for this?). And when I see something and decide not to get it, then end up regretting it? I can TORTURE myself over it for days.  So let me tell you about my latest.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.01.53 PM For the past few days, we’ve been visiting my parents at their new place in Southport, North Carolina. It’s a super cute town on the coast – it’s the same town where they filled the movie Safe Haven! Not much going on but quaint and quiet.  And we walked around the downtown area one day and checked out some really cute shops.  There is a local wine tasting spot to a Christmas Shop (which has so much more than just Christmas-related items) and it all felt very small town – a feeling you don’t get much these days anymore!

We popped into a local “sports” store, which was more of a surf/clothing type store.  After spending a good half hour looking around, I sadly only spotted the Scout Bags collection in the corner on the way out of the store.  With a huge group, I was getting yelled at to hurry along but the pull of the cuuuuuute bags was so tempting!

Over a year ago, a brand had sent me a personalized Scout Bag that I just adore.  It’s a medium sized bag similar to this one ($37) and it has my initials on it and I use it for toiletries and other random bathroom items when we’re on the road.   I have seen a few people talk about Scout Bags here and there and noticed that they have definitely become a thing.  They’re sturdy, not too expensive and have some really cute patterns.

But when I saw their collection at this local store in real life, I was drooling!  So many amazing patterns that are super cute and something practical for all occasions.

Here are two more of my favorite picks besides the one I linked above.  This 4 Boys Bag for $52, such a great pool bag or everyday bag with the kids:

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.08.51 PM


And the Double Fistah (on sale right now for $8) which is totally cute to bring as a hostess gift with two bottles inside:

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.11.24 PM

Adorable, right?  As I got yanked out of the store, I promised myself I would visit the Scout Bags website to check out what they had these days and of course I saw not one, not two but THREE Scout Bags on the beach the next day!  You can see what they are about on ScoutBags.com.  Fun patterns, great bag choices and perfect for the summer!


  1. Stephanie says

    We just returned from NC, so if you were out on Oak Island you might have seen me and my sister using ours. I was in that same store in Southport and couldn’t get over the selection. I didn’t buy, but it sure made me want a few new ones!! Hope you’ve gotten yours!

    • Stephanie – so small world! Yes, that’s where we were – we went to Oak Island for the beaches, stayed in St James & loved Southport. Have to get back go that shop next time to get a new Scout bag!

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