I did everything I could to mouth and play with my TyBook that a baby would. Everything. I even asked my 2 year old to “play baby” with it. Yet nothing we did could tear, rip or moisten these oh-so-beautiful reads.
TyBooks were created for babies and, quite obviously, by Mommies. A series of vibrant images, the books are waterproof and tear resistant. No kidding, you can even put the book in a fishbowl or the bath. Yet, unlike typical bath books, these feel and look like real paperback books (i.e. fantastic for carrying in the diaper bag!) And, because it can be cleaned, (and as the mom of a reflux baby I love this) the book won’t be ruined when drool, slobbered and, ugh… the memories, spit up on.
Early Educational Research shows emergent reading starts young, really young. I recall from grad school learning that instilling a true love of reading starts in the womb, and continues all through youth. The best way to encourage reading at an infant age? Let Baby mouth and hold–exploring with all of her senses. These wordless books do just that. Parents have no fear of ripping or mushiness when baby’s enjoy the books. (Taste, check. Touch, check.) The gorgeous images capture baby’s interest (Sight, check.) And while there is no distinct smell and no words, parents are encouraged (as with all books) to “read” TyBooks by identifying pictures, talking about what you see, making up stories. (Hear, check.)
Use code style08 for 20% off your purchase through February 2008. And if you don’t believe the survivable hype, check out the YouTube video.

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