Well maybe not Santa in our house, as we celebrate Hanukah. But the other day I caught my son sucking face with a really cute chick…
Whether your little one is naughty or nice, you will be hard pressed not to smile when you see them cosy up to Santa, Rudy the Rooster or any of the adorable and practical bottle huggers available at Babesta. These cosies insulate almost any size bottle or sippy, rooster_th_1163728220.jpg making them softer and easier to grip, and even provide a window for you to check the liquid levels. These plush pals are washable, huggable and at only $9.95 each, affordable. Perfect stocking stuffer or holiday addition to a baby gift. Mommies with Style take advantage of the current code running with Babesta and enter MWS10 for 10% off your purchase.

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