Our Wii was off for most of the summer.  We definitely go through waves of being into playing with it or not, but after a couple of rainy days in the past few weeks, we turned it back on. 

We were playing a variety of games when Nate asked to pull out an old game we hadn’t played much of – Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: City Folk. 

I had gotten it used at GameStop at the recommendations of one of the clerks there.  We played for a day or two about a year ago and I don’t remember thinking much of it.

After delving back into the game last week (and getting hooked), I had to share how fun it is.  For any Mom who loved playing any of the Sim games way back when (Sim City, the Sims, etc), this is the game for you and your kids – it’s a similar concept in that it’s the same simulation/build-a-life-and-keep-them happy concept. 

You create a character in your town and you live a little life there.  You earn money (“Bells”) for working, fishing and collecting bugs (amongst other things).  You can interact with the other residents, take a bus to the big city or just hang out in your house that you get to decorate.  It’s the cutest game. 

It’s rated E for everyone and I can see anyone of any age liking this game (young kids, teens on through adults.)

I will say that there is quite a bit of reading involved so I do have to help out my Kindergartener (which really isn’t a problem as I’m secretly obsessed.)  Check it out – especially as it’s an older game and you can find good deals on it.  Amazon has it currently on sale for $31.99 (retails for $49.99).


  1. OMG Whitney – I also love this game!!

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