Wahoo! I finally had my first manicure and pedicure of the season. The whole cuticle/nail thing was NOT pretty. As I was headed to Chicago for Red Nose Day, I thought it would be great to go RED.

My hands were still cracked and dry from the winter and Neutrogena had recently reached out for me to get a manicure and challenged me to the 7 Day Manicure Stay. I used Neutrogena’sNorwegian Formula Hand Cream every day for a week to maintain the look and feel of freshly manicured hands. I’ve been using the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream for years before this project. It’s actually more of an ointment in consistency than cream so it’s really super charged in terms of healing dry and cracked hands.


As I was going to be away, I took this picture 4 days into having had my manicure – I was using the Norwegian Formula Hand Creamdaily. I will say that by 7 days it was chipped pretty well but I think that was more a product of being overused on a whirlwind trip to Chicago with lots of hand use than anything else.

Looking for some great dry hand treatment, try Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream for sure. Get it for $5.29 at Ulta.com.

Disclaimer: Neutrogena sent me a gift card to get a manicure. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Irish skin. Need i say more? I must say I love Neutrogena products in general. Years ago(can’t remember how many-another sign of aging(sigh) ), I tried the Norwegian formula hand cream. Again. can’t remember accurately the result-however, no amazing exclamations do I recall. It was no doubt, good but I do not buy it regularly at this time in order to make an underlined statement. Will have to try it again.

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