Yesterday, while the boys played t-ball and the dads watched, Zareen, Whitney and I rested on picnic blankets, chatting and watching the little ones. It was a gorgeous day, and when the clouds hid the sun, I was SO glad I wore a terry hoodie.
But as the sun beamed strongly on my back, I began to wish I had a t-shirt on, and admited so outloud. Immediately I noticed odd looks. “But you do…” they told me.
Ah! But I didn’t! I was wearing a topless undershirt by Blush. These way-convenient poly/rayon/spandex blend tops are perfect for hiding your muffin top or your panties when wearing low-cut jeans. So when your favorite shirt has shrunken up a little, you can extend the wear with the look of a trendy t-shirt underneath. A tubetop for the waist, it gives you the layered look without the straps and bulk.
Of course, I still couldn’t take off my sweatshirt but my panties were covered and I totally fooled 2 genuine Mommies with Style.
Choose from several colors and 2 categories (everyone or maternity) and use code MWS15 for 15% off at Bediboo.

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