Is it me, or are children’s products getting more and more fabulous over the years? Its almost unfair really. I am very disappointed that my own childhood has already been spent. Because if I’d known what treasure the future held, surely I would have saved up a few rainy afternoons to be a child again, and dress up in the delightful creations from MWS’s own Jen Cooper’s fantastical company Ellie Bellie Kids. But since I cannot travel through time, I am glad I have my own kids to adorn in Jen’s whimsical designs. And after poking one toe in the holiday season shopping pool, I am even gladder that I can order up these products from the comfort of home. Let’s hear it for the future!
First off – gotta say – as a fellow manufacturer with a healthy fear of tulle, I was mighty impressed with the Ellie Bellie tutu. It’s a bon bon! It reminds me of a doll I once had as a child (aha! I guess I was not totally deprived!) that had a beautiful skirt that flipped over to reveal a totally different dress on a totally different doll. When the tutu is on one side, you have barely a hint that there is a whole other differently colored tutu hidden beneath. Somehow the confection manages to be fluffy and full yet comfortable and not itchy at the same time. It’s truly beautiful, and painstakingly well made. Everything down to the doublefaced satin tie at the waist, tells a tale of uncompromising quality. elliecape.jpg
Not to leave out the boys and those less fond of frou frou. You’ll be instantly elevated to supermom status when you order up these Ellie Bellie colorful polka dotted reversible capes that transform mere mortal kids into superheroes. Capes can be personalized with your child’s favorite letter (most likely – their initial!). Imaginary Dragons included. Slay at your own risk.
Ellie Bellie Kids could have stopped there, and rested on their laurels, but they have added in a
fashionable mini messenger bag that is so fetching, you will want to find things for your kids to carry around for you, just to see them in it. My son has caught on to my ruse and refuses to carry in our mail anymore. But he delights in packing up his bag with his own board books and cars. It’s like his very first briefcase.
Mommies with Style enter code happyholly for 20% off everything on the Ellie Bellie Kids website now through Dec 15th.

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