To all of you fair-weather Wonder Woman fans thanks to the movie, listen up people: welcome to awesomeness.

So I have been obsessed with Wonder Woman since the mid-80s. Who out there is with me in the mad Wonder Woman fandom that began before the latest movie release?

I think any of us born sometime in the 70s know theLynda Carter version of Wonder Woman. She was strong and bad-ass at a time when it wasn’t as common for a woman to be a tough hero. You all know this Wonder Woman, right?

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.11.08 PM

Sohere’s an embarrassing story from my childhood: when I was in elementary and middle school, I used to imagine I was Wonder Woman when I was on the school bus. I’d look out the window and imagine I was running along side the bus with my Lasso of Truth.

She was definitely an icon for a child of the 80s and I love how she’s making a comeback with the modern blockbuster movie that’s currently out.

One more thing about my personal connection to WW:my name is Whitney and I married someone whose last name happens to start with a W. My initials are WW. Coincidence? I’ll leave you to wonder. 🙂

While you ponder that, check out the Wonder Woman Shop, whichopened this week and is having a grand opening free shipping sale for all orders in the US.

I want it all. I’m seriously considering the I Chase Bad Boys phone case, because duh, right?
Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.15.29 PM

All of the phone cases are pretty great though.

Of course there are t-shirts and accessories and action figures. Pretty much anything you could want if you are a fan. Visit theWonder Woman Shopthis week to check it out. As I said above, it just launched so there is free shipping right now with no minimum order required but not sure how long that will last.


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