zoom-360 Its a goal. Not one I’m sure I’ll keep, but a goal all the same. You see, I’ve never liked running. But this year while I was pregnant and unable to working out, a group of friends in my MOMS Club formed a Couch to 5K team. They set goals, got together a few times a week and learned to run. And after several weeks of training, they ran a 5K. Another group of friends began training last year at our gym. They still attended our regular classes, but picked up running on treadmills, tracking and comparing times; cheering each other on. I even saw a few at parks and running around town while training. Now they’re running races. All this amazes me. So, I want to learn to run.

Of course, I’m barely permitted to workout yet. I may not yet have the ability to run, but I have the gear. I was sent a Joovy Zoom 360 stroller a few weeks ago. Setting it up took just a few minutes, with 3 and 5year olds helping their very pregnant mom. It sat in my dining room until my husband came home to take it downstairs to the garage (I couldn’t lift then, either, and it weighs 26 pounds.) So my kids tested it out. One napped in it a few times (he tells me it was as comfortable as his bed.) The other pushed it around (he could barely see over the hood, but he had no problem pushing and the turning radius of the swivel wheel proved fantastic (which was very important considering he was weaving in and out of furniture.)

Finally, we took it out around the neighborhood. It strolled nicely and smoothly with shocks that allowed for pleasant bouncing when we hit bumps.Recommended for kids ages 6 months through 75 pounds, the Zoom 360 can be used for years–and lots of jogs.

And since there will be a lot of jogs, Joovy added clever mesh pockets on the inside of the stroller, one either side of the very roomy seat. The pockets are ideal for holding small toys and cups. Strap your child in to the 5-point harness with reflective stitching, and get set with the multi-position reclining seat–easily adjustable with a firm lock to keep it in place. It also sits higher and straighter than many jogger stroller seats I’ve seen.

For the parent, there’s a great sized stroller basket with an air pump inside, and a neoprene parent caddy containing 2 cup pockets and a zippered pocket for toting your small items. I love that this is so easily removable to wash or bring with you.  For the die-hard jogger (and I don’t know if I’ll ever be this dedicated) the Joovy Zoom 360 includes a rain cover.

The fold is simple, and it folds tightly–the wheels are the reason for the 17 inch folded height. If not for the wheels it’d have a very narrow fold height. The front wheel is my favorite aspect of the stroller. Fixed wheels drive me crazy (I know… I”m probably not a true runner, right?) But since I’m learning to run, I know I’ll need it. The switch between fixed and swivel is quick and easy, but locks in firmly.

So, I have the gear… stay tuned when baby is six months and we’ll see if the gear encourages me to run.

In the meantime, set your own goals and start with your own Joovy Zoom 360, retailing for $399 with free USA shipping.

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