Really excited to announce today that I’ve been accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador! I’ve been online stalking these guys for awhile now – it’s a great community of parents who feel passionate about fitness and healthy living.

Those of you who read my blog or know me in person know that I really turned things around a couple of years back.  Those last 15 preggo pounds STILL weren’t coming off three years beyond the last time I gave birth.  We got back from a trip to Disney and I was looking at the photos and couldn’t stand how frumpy I looked.

I started counted calories and while I’ve always worked out, I really started working out. It’s been a gradual change but three years later I’m happy to report that I really feel like for the first time in my life, I eat right and I exercise the way I should.  I’m happy with the way I look, and most importantly, I feel healthy.

What does that involve?  I don’t limit myself and I do splurge but I’m also careful.  I limit sugar, I limit carbs and truly it’s mostly about portion control.  For the gym portion of it?  I either run or go to the gym at least 5 days a week.  It’s my goal and I do a minimum of 45 minutes of running or working out.

That’s just the way it is – no excuses.  And you know what?  Because it’s my routine, it’s easy.  It’s not about dieting or going on some hard core workout regime, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about doing a diet and then having it end – healthy eating and living doesn’t end.  And you know what else?  I feel better than I ever have. In my entire life.

I’m passionate about healthy living now which is why I wanted to be involved in Fitfluential.  I want to get other people inspired and passionate about it too!  Look for more posts from me as I get more involved in the community.

Along with my announcement, I wanted to share an amazing story with you all.  I’m friends on Facebook with my sister’s friend from college, Katey.  Years ago, we even went on a group trip with Katey, my sister and her husband so I’ve loved following Katey’s life on Facebook.  She settled in Philly too so it’s been neat to see and I’ve loved watching as she had her two cute kids.

With a bazillion friends on Facebook, here’s what I didn’t notice.  Katey never posted pictures of herself.  I’d thumb up and comment on her adorable kids’ photos and it never really occurred to me, “where’s Katey?”

You guys know where this is going, right?

Katey didn’t want to be in photos because she didn’t like how she looked.  She gained 100 lbs after her kids were born.  Just like with losing it, gaining it doesn’t happen in a day.  She shares her story on her brand new blog – here’s a clip from it:

I also happen to be married to a personal trainer. Can you imagine what it feels like to be the wife of a personal trainer and morbidly obese? Unable to shop in any ‘normal sizes’ stores? I was a size 24. They don’t make size 24 pants at the Gap. When you’re that far gone, plus-sized stores are your only option, and it feels awful.
I knew that I was not what anyone at my husband’s gym would expect a trainer’s wife to look like, so I never darkened their door. I hid myself away. Cameras were my kryptonite. I have very few pictures of myself with my babies, which I will probably regret for the rest of my life. But my self-loathing trumped all. And still, I didn’t work out.

And here’s an absolutely incredible photo of Katey before and after to blow your mind.  As of this week, she has officially lost 100 lbs:

AMAZING.  Just amazing.  Tell me you’re not just staring at that photo with your mouth open at how incredible she looks now.

Once she posted that photo, her Facebook wall blew up.  People were thrilled for her and of course tons of questions on how she did it.  You know what her answer was?  And this is when I knew I had to post about it – it was NO miracle diet.  It was hard work.  It was counting calories and working out.  For a year.  She walked.  She did Insanity videos and she was careful with what she ate.

I had to share.  I think her story is inspiring and I hope more people read it and it helps to inspire them!  Eat right. Exercise.  That’s the bottom line.

Lastly, ‘cuz ya all know I’m a product blog and I know you’re all DYING to know – Katey’s rockin’ red dress is the Lady Love Song Dress ($79.99 at – love the price and the dress!

Katey gave me permission to post her photo and share her story.  She has a new blog that she would love for you to visit – you can find her on her blog, Happy Exhaustion.


  1. CAPITAL LETTERS and an exclamation point as well: INSPIRING!. . Kudos to Katey for choosing a healthy direction that not only she benefits from but her family does as well. A wonderful win for them all.

  2. O to the M to the G.. what a transformation- but more importantly it’s about health and GIRL I am WITH YOU! September 2011 I was 142 pounds… this past September 2012 I got down to 120… slow and steady- but for me it;s been ALL about health!! It has changed everything about my life– and i never want to go back.. thinking I need to stalking your fitfluential community!! BRAVO KATEY!!!!!!!

    • Oh sounds like an awomese workout. This might be a yoga workout I could get into actually. I desperately want to love yoga. I’ve tried DVDs and taken a class. But I just have yet to fall in love with it.

  3. Totally inspiring. Thank you so much for this post. Well done Katey!

  4. I love before and afters – so beautiful!

  5. WOW to your friend, just amazing! She will be such an inspiration to other women battling weightloss and I love that she chalked it up to some hard work and watching her calorie intake. That is what it really takes. I also love that she has done the Insanity workout – I talk that workout up all the time. About to start another round of it myself!

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