parrot I’ve been driving with a cellphone since 1998 and now rely on using my time wisely, in-other-words, I’m one of those “bad” drivers who talks on the phone through over 50% of her drive time.

I recognize its not safe. And I no longer check my e-mail or text while driving (though I’ll admit to doing it while stopped at a red light.) So I think that Whitney suggested I sample the Parrot Minikit Chic for a reason.  She knew I needed to go handheld-less.

Set-up was simple. I took the bluetooth speaker phone out of the package, plugged it into my computer to charge the battery and entered a code into my cell to sync it. About an hour later it was fully charged and ready. I only needed to clip it onto my visor and, when my phone rang, the Parrot identified the caller (I didn’t have to pick up the phone to check caller id), I clicked a button on the Parrot, and said “hello?”

The speaker is so clear and the people I talk to tell me my voice is just as clear. You can adjust your volume and easily carry on a conversation on speaker;  the whole family can join in. Outgoing calls are amazingly simple. The Parrot recognizes various voices and matches them to your phone book or contacts list in your phone. (Its not always right, sometimes the voice recognition leads to the wrong number, but it asks if the call is correct prior to dialing.)

I’ve also used the Parrot, accidentally, in our home. Its reach is impressive. While charging the Parrot one day on our 2nd floor, my cell rang where it was charging downstairs and across the house. Parrot identified who was calling and I was able to answer the call from afar. Its small enough that it fits so nicely in a pocket. My kids mistook it for our Flip digital video camera. It looks and feels about the same.

Check your phone type for compatibility before you order or add the Parrot Minikit Chic to your wishlist (it works with Smartphones, iPhones and mobiles.) If you want style, defnitely go for the  Parrot Minikit Chic with a smart stylish design. If you’re shopping for a Daddy-gift (or another male), consider the Minikit or the Minikit Slim.

Thanks to Parrot for providing the sample for this review.

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