I’ve been trying to get a hold of a pair of Crankypants to review ever since the very first time I stumbled across them while surfing the web about a year ago. To be honest, I became a little obsessed with seeing them first hand. So much so that I literally chased down a mom at the Baby Celebration LA conference last spring. I saw a flash of monster tooth on her child’s cute little butt and it was more exciting to me than a celebrity sighting. I had to get a closer look.
Read on to get the full scoop on these adorable pants and a chance to win your own!

crankymonster280.jpgI guess I made an impression on that mom, because when I spoke to designer/owner/brilliant-mom-with-creative-vision Amy Kett, she said “Oh yeah, I heard about you from my customer”. Hmmm. It’s a fine line though between product aficionado and product stalker. These pants might easily have pushed me over the edge!
As I type this, I am gratified to tell you that I have a pair of Crankypants in my hot little hands and guess what? They’re worth the wait! They live up to the hype! They don’t make me feel cranky at all. They make me feel quite happy actually. What could be more smile-worthy, than watching your little one wiggling away with a hand-knit, snaggle toothed monster adorning their bum?
Crankypants are knit from soft merino wool. They were previously only available in extremely limited quantities, due to the very sad fact that there were only so many pairs of pants that Amy could knit. I’m sure her fans have had fantasies about locking Amy up in the attic with the vague promise of ice cream rewards, or perhaps cloning her (instead of some silly wooly sheep). All so she could knit more and more Crankypants. Really, people, the woman has a kid of her own to care for! Fortunately the lockdown/cloning will not be necessary. Very soon Crankypants will be more readily available and Amy might even get a break. Although I doubt she’ll rest for long. She’s already cranking out some adorable matching monster bibs!
Amy has enlisted the help of other hand knitting moms living in South America, to assist her on her baby-cutification project. She searched far and wide, long and hard to arrange for a responsible and truly fair trade arrangement that could bring more of these pants to you. So you can not only feel good about getting a pair but also about knowing that the job of knitting these pants helps these other moms do something they love, and stay home with their families.
I waited a year for my close encounter with Crankypants but one of you won’t have to wait that long. Mommies with Style has one pair of Crankypants to give away to a lucky reader. Just leave a comment below telling us your favorite “term of endearment” for your child when he/she is fussing (no obscenties please!) and you will be entered to win one pair of these beauties in a size 6/12 months, as modeled by my own Mr FussyMcFusserpants.
One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday the 12th of September.
Note: Please be sure to check your email in a timely fashion as we will move on to another address if there is no response in 72 hrs. And you’d be cranky to see you missed out!


  1. I really want one of her ILY sign crankypant because we’re Deaf. šŸ™‚ It’s so cool I ever seen. But it’s impossible for us to get one by now. šŸ™
    Although, I really want to feel crankypant! šŸ™‚

  2. i love this! we always call DS fussiefuss or fussybutt

  3. Felicity Ronaghan says

    LOVE the Crankypants!! We call our daughter “Pickles” as a term of endearment. And when she’s being cranky (sour?), she’s “being a Pickle.”

  4. I’ve always called our youngest “The Monster” & my husband prefers “The Creature” (both spoken like in some cut-rate horror flick) either way he was just born with an attitude!

  5. Fusser Face

  6. Michelle Quint says

    Love these crankypants! Perfect for us since we just started cloth diapering. Anyway, we call our DS “Fussnuts” when he’s cranky. Like he is right now.

  7. Fuss Bucket!

  8. Wow, those crankypants are cute! When my son Brian is cranky, we say he’s “got the cranks” and we’ve got to “get those cranks out of you”.

  9. Bumpy Grumpy Crocodile or Fussy Luv

  10. Rebecca Pope says

    When my son Grayson is fussy I would say you are being a little toot!

  11. So cute, these would be great for my little “Miss Cranks McGee” not sure where that came from but thats her name when shes fussy!

  12. our daughter Maggie would look so cute in these. We call her…maggie meany when she is being ill.
    Alison H. in TN

  13. Looking at those butt’s who can help but love them. They stare back at you šŸ™‚

  14. My youngest daughter was born on Thanksgiving day, so one of her names is turkey or turkey girl. Her name is Brynleigh and I like to call her Brynleigh Bear, but when she’s being fussy, we call her fussybutt or miss priss as in “What’s the matter Miss Priss?” or “What are we being a fussybutt for?” I will also say “I know it’s soooo hard to be a baby girl!”
    With my bigger kids (1 boy and 1 girl) I ask them why they are whining or being sassy and I tell them I can’t understand them until they can talk to me in a normal voice. Then we usually ask if they can turn their frown upside down…which usually does the trick šŸ™‚

  15. Greta Fechter says


  16. We call her a Crabby McPants! šŸ™‚

  17. I call my son “the beast” when he cranky, or when he tears apart a room I call him “Destroyer” and do the heavy metal sign with my hand!

  18. When he pitches a fit or has a bad day, we call our 8 month old Himself or That Baby, e.g., “Himself appears uninterested in his sweet potato” and “That Baby deems naps unacceptable”.

  19. LOVE the pants!
    My son’s initials spell OWL. So when he’s really fussing – I call him Hoot.

  20. Heather Hetler says

    I call her Grumpy Goose!

  21. I have been calling my little guy “pickle face” when he starts fussing because his face gets all screwed up like he ate a pickle.

  22. I enjoy irony, so she’s simply ‘sunshine’ when she’s Cranky.

  23. We actually use the term “Cranky Pants!” LOL We’ve been using it since our first baby was born 11 yrs ago. Now our newest baby (1 yr old tomorrow!) also has her “crankypants” moments and her nickname is Boo!

  24. My DD is often called Honey Bunch, DS is called Buddy most of the time.

  25. We call our 2 year old Monkey or Monkeybutt (not sure where that came from LOL). If he’s been especially grouchy he gets called Crankybutt šŸ™‚
    And I hear you on the cuteness of the Crankypants, we love them too!

  26. My eldest daughter was always “fussybutt” and my newestlittle girl is “grouchypuss” or “grumpadoodle” (depending on our moods ;P)

  27. We call both our kids sweat tart when they are being bothersome.

  28. This nickname started with #2, and has been passed on thru the kids.
    Lil Grumpy Fartkabibbles
    And I couldn’t tell you where it came from if my life depended on it. lol

  29. I call my son 2 different things- chunkyhead & my cute little chubby monkey

  30. Just a few- Mr. Bug, Terrible Tater and Ugga Bugga. And when he is being really grumpy we say-What a bear!

  31. Hee, hee! Lots of fun comments and a great article! Our cranky term of endearment is mr. whineypants/fussypants for our middle ds and fussbudget for the youngest. :o) Alway loving ly, of course – although sometimes exasperated!

  32. I always call my son “whiny baby” when he is being cranky, because the word “whiny” makes him burst out with those wonderful baby belly laughs every single time. I make the “i” really long, and he finds it hilarious!

  33. She’s become “Mah farts”

  34. My son, Logan, can be really, really fussy and downright mean when he’s in one of “those” moods… we call him “brat-a-tat-tat” during these times!

  35. those are so adorable. we call my son “Mr. Cranky”. šŸ™‚

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