I’ve been trying to get a hold of a pair of Crankypants to review ever since the very first time I stumbled across them while surfing the web about a year ago. To be honest, I became a little obsessed with seeing them first hand. So much so that I literally chased down a mom at the Baby Celebration LA conference last spring. I saw a flash of monster tooth on her child’s cute little butt and it was more exciting to me than a celebrity sighting. I had to get a closer look.
Read on to get the full scoop on these adorable pants and a chance to win your own!

crankymonster280.jpgI guess I made an impression on that mom, because when I spoke to designer/owner/brilliant-mom-with-creative-vision Amy Kett, she said “Oh yeah, I heard about you from my customer”. Hmmm. It’s a fine line though between product aficionado and product stalker. These pants might easily have pushed me over the edge!
As I type this, I am gratified to tell you that I have a pair of Crankypants in my hot little hands and guess what? They’re worth the wait! They live up to the hype! They don’t make me feel cranky at all. They make me feel quite happy actually. What could be more smile-worthy, than watching your little one wiggling away with a hand-knit, snaggle toothed monster adorning their bum?
Crankypants are knit from soft merino wool. They were previously only available in extremely limited quantities, due to the very sad fact that there were only so many pairs of pants that Amy could knit. I’m sure her fans have had fantasies about locking Amy up in the attic with the vague promise of ice cream rewards, or perhaps cloning her (instead of some silly wooly sheep). All so she could knit more and more Crankypants. Really, people, the woman has a kid of her own to care for! Fortunately the lockdown/cloning will not be necessary. Very soon Crankypants will be more readily available and Amy might even get a break. Although I doubt she’ll rest for long. She’s already cranking out some adorable matching monster bibs!
Amy has enlisted the help of other hand knitting moms living in South America, to assist her on her baby-cutification project. She searched far and wide, long and hard to arrange for a responsible and truly fair trade arrangement that could bring more of these pants to you. So you can not only feel good about getting a pair but also about knowing that the job of knitting these pants helps these other moms do something they love, and stay home with their families.
I waited a year for my close encounter with Crankypants but one of you won’t have to wait that long. Mommies with Style has one pair of Crankypants to give away to a lucky reader. Just leave a comment below telling us your favorite “term of endearment” for your child when he/she is fussing (no obscenties please!) and you will be entered to win one pair of these beauties in a size 6/12 months, as modeled by my own Mr FussyMcFusserpants.
One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday the 12th of September.
Note: Please be sure to check your email in a timely fashion as we will move on to another address if there is no response in 72 hrs. And you’d be cranky to see you missed out!


  1. Jennifer Butler says

    Whenever Mia or Sophia need some consoling we turn dim their fairy princess light, rock and read a book. This has never failed and they love it!

  2. Jennifer Butler says

    Our favorite “term of endearment” for our girls is fussy butt or just plain ol sugar!

  3. My daughter is called Grace-a-sauras or a Graciepuss… Thanks for entering me!

  4. Ohh, we would love a 6-12 pair for our new baby boy! When our 23 month old gets cranky we just called him the snarkmeister or say he’s getting snarly. He makes this snorty, snarly expression when he’s fed up with us… LOL.

  5. We lovingly call our son a Cranky butt or fussy butt when he’s being cranky. šŸ™‚

  6. When my babe is fussy we call her a “cranked lil’ bug”

  7. When Matt gets fussy we call him Crabby McMatty.

  8. I have a primo fit thrower, who has a perma case of high drama. He is often refered to as “Fussy Lumpkins” a play on the Power Puff Girl’s character “Fuzzy Lumpkins” who could turn it off and on at the drop of a hat, and coincidentally looks like a Cranky Pants Monster!

  9. FuzzyWuzzy

  10. We call our little guy a fuss bucket when his smiles wear out.

  11. Well we call all our kids something different…
    ODD is Brylei Face (her name is Brylei and well like Smiley face) gets her laughing.
    YDD is Drama Momma…(that’s Taelyn for you though)
    And our son is Momma’s Baby or Cranky Butt or Fadda Tadda (said Fat-a Tay-da)
    PLEASE Enter us

  12. I’d love to have a pair of crankys!!! AHHH

  13. I have a lot of pet names for my Miss Cranky, but lately I’ve been calling her “my sad little pumpkin princess.”

  14. I call him–my little “fuss bucket”

  15. My wife and I call our daughter a sweetie pie even when she is being CRANKY!

  16. We have 3 Little Ones… but when my youngest, Herny, gets upset I try to get his attention off being upset and call him “Henny-B,” and try to make him laugh.

  17. Either Crankosaurus Rex or Rexina; depending on whether it’s a son or daughter being cranky. šŸ™‚

  18. I love those pants! Adorable! I call my little Mary, Miss Fussy-Butt.

  19. We just call her our little “she-devil”…which she certainly can be!

  20. I love these!
    I call my little guy FuzzyWuzzy or Fuss-Butt

  21. Our little guy is rarely fussy, but when he is, we call him Mr. Crankybutt.

  22. We call the kids crank monsters! The baby we just call him Mr. Fussy

  23. I would love for my fussybutt to be Mr. Crankypants!!

  24. I usually refer to my sweetie as SnuggleBug or My Little Monkey, but when she futses she is my FutsyBug or FutsyMonkey! My favorite term of “grumpiness” I have used for years w/the nieces/nephews is “Grumpy Toad” NOBODY wants to be called a grumpy toad so they usually shape right up šŸ˜‰

  25. When my little girl is fussy we call her Monkey Butt. I have no idea why, but I said it one night when she was screaming her little butt off and it just stuck.

  26. Same name, different tone. ;P

  27. What a sweet idea!
    My husband and I lovingly refer to our boys as a “grumpy gus”. My oldest son always says back to me “My name is not Gus, I’m Cyrus”. It never fails!

  28. I call my 2 yr old “Grump bucket”.
    When any of the kids get dramatic, we sing that REM song “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

  29. Tracy Keller says

    My LO is 1 yr and has learned to tantrum lately. . so we use this word a lot:
    and occasionally bust out:
    Mr. Cranky face man face (don’t ask. . . )

  30. Kristen Bradley says

    We call my youngest son a “grump-a-lump” – When he’s fussy my 2 year old daughter will say “Mommy, Preston’s a grumpalump isn’t he??” lol We have a song too! haha “He’s a grump a lump, a grump grump a lump…” (repeat a lot) we sing it too him when he’s grumpy! šŸ™‚

  31. Bridget Frankel says

    When he’s fussy he’s mad at the world! There is no calming him down on your terms. Only when he’s good and ready – that’s a 2 yo for you. He’s “Booga” to us most of the time, but when fussy he’s “Madman”.

  32. Christa Miller says

    Sweetie creedy

  33. My sweet little girl is a “Crankster” when she’s cranky or also “Grumpster”. 6-12 months is her size – we’re hoping to get a pair sometime soon!!! šŸ™‚

  34. Peggy Martinez says

    My 7 yr. old son & I refer to his little sisters as Miss Sassafrass, because of the sassy attitudes they can give! LOL

  35. I call my 3 month old daughter Sophia, “The Diva”, “Prissy Princess”, “Fussy Buggy”, or “Sassy Sophie”. The first two names are because she is the only girl in my brood of 4 and she lets it be known that she is the Diva because she is the only one of the 4 that is not easy-going.

  36. What a great thing to do!
    I have 2 sons, both of which can be very cranky. We call my older son sassy pants, and we call my younger son fuss nugget šŸ™‚

  37. My daughter’s name was misspelled at the hospital. No, not my mistake, but it was misspelled as “Theon” instead of Theron. So when she’s being silly, I’ll call her “Theon”. When she’s being fussy, I’m calling her “Theoscar” as in her best friend Oscar the Grouch.

  38. Melissa Haddon says

    I’ve always called my boys, my little cry baby.

  39. Anything for cranky’s right, we’re huge fans here. We sing “get on the fuss bus, don’t need to discuss much, so just get on the fuss bus!” to our dear stinkerbell DD1 when she’s crabby! Thank you!

  40. I call my 4 yr old daughter “Monkey Butt” when she is “monkeying” around and I call my youngest Emma-bean b/c her name is Emma and she’s my littlest bean. šŸ™‚

  41. I was sitting here getting ready to post my answer when my six year old lying in bed with my other two asks me what I am typing. I then ask her what I call her or her siblings when they are being grumpy and she got it exactly right(with a smile)”Grumpy McGrump-Grumps!” Or I will squeeze them and kiss them hard and just tell them I love them! I have the I just want to eat my kids up personality!

  42. My husband very creatively nicknamed our 3rd daughter Anna, Banana! He even made up a song called “Go Banana’s.” Whenever she is fussy we start singing her song and she cheers right up and even starts dancing to it. I wasn’t very found of calling her “Banana” at first, but it has definitely grown on me, especially when I see how much she loves “her” song. šŸ™‚

  43. We call our guy a few things. First up (before I even knew there was such a thing as Crankypants) we called him Mr. Grouchypants. We also call him ‘Ike’ because his and DH’s names together are Mike’n’Ike like the candy.

  44. We call her FUSSBUCKET! I remember my mom using that phrase on all of us…

  45. I call my dd Grumbelina when she’s cranky!!

  46. Oh–pick me, pick me!! We call the girls “princess” because even though they are fussy they are magical!!

  47. Oh–pick me, pick me!! We call the girls “princess” because even though they are fussy they are magical!!

  48. miranda eddy says

    my kids get called a grump-a-potapus! thanks for entering me!

  49. I call my guy either Grumpy Gills or Stinka Butt.

  50. Monkey Butt

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