Just what you guys need to be tempted with, right? Another new and incredibly stylish diaper bag. And this one’s a real winner: Melissa Beth, not new to bag-making, has recently come out with a diaper bag called the Baby-Licious.
In short, it’s fantastic. It has everything I always look for in a diaper bag: side pockets for bottles/sippy cups, a cool-stylish look on the outside, and incredible organization on the inside. The inside is also all vinyl-lined, fantastic for wipe-down and clean up. You have a choice of straps, which I just love – over the shoulder, or backpack conversion straps.
And something not as common: the bottom zips out for changing pad storage (matches the lining of the inside of the bag). It’s a neat little spot that tucks away. And it’s a great size – ample and big enough for newborn needs, but not so huge that you can’t carry it into the toddler years. I can definitely see using this one with my almost-3 year old and my soon-to-be newborn.
Celeb sightings carrying Melissa Beth (laptop bags) include Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development, and Sara Paxton from the movie Aquamarine and TV show Summerland.
Melissa Beth Bags have also been featured in a ton of different magazines, including InStyle, Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and many more.
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