I'm Going to BlogHer '11 For the past two years, I’ve attended the annual BlogHer conference.  Arguably the biggest blogging conference for women around, I’ve had a heck of a good time at previous conferences.  I first attended in 2009 when BlogHer was in Chicago.

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I had such a wonderful time socially and professionally that I knew I had to go back when they announced that 2010 would be in New York City – just a short train ride up from Philly.

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Introducing my BlogHer Sponsor:  AOL Shopping

When they announced in New York that 2011 would be in San Diego, I thought, hell yah I’m going! But after I returned home and life returned to normal, I started to reconsider.  San Diego’s far – half the day is spent trying to get there.  And it’s not cheap to get there.

Sometime after attending Mom 2.0 in April, I decided I was not going to attend.  I knew I’d miss hanging with my bloggy friends and probably miss out on some fab networking opportunities but it was too much.

I closed the book on going until last Monday.  When two wonderful sponsors literally fell in my lap.   On the same day! I was floored!  I’m very lucky.  And working with two amazing brands, well it’s not the sort of thing one passes up, especially when they are two companies I’m thrilled to work with.

So I’m in a mad dash to get ready.   I took a trip over the weekend to the King of Prussia Mall to get some clothes for the conference.  One of my sponsors, American Express, is sponsoring me to get me to check out their new American Express prepaid card that you can load up with a set amount of money like a gift card. I’ll be using their card for many of my expenses involved with BlogHer and I did so today on my trip to shop with my good pal Colleen from Classy Mommy.

I only had luck at Ann Taylor.  I tried this dress on first, which was on sale for $29.99!  It would have been cute except for the fact that I have crazy bathing suit farmer’s tan and it didn’t work with the half off the shoulder look for the dress.  Oh well.

This one was also on sale for $29.99!  And the funky print is actually really cute in person.  Too bad my butt’s way too big for it but for all those skinny folks out there, check out these adorable dress.  I passed on it. (Sorry for the poor quality photo)

This was the only thing I ended up getting!  It’s hard to tell but it’s an adorable red top that I plan on pairing with some black dress pants during one of the days of the conference.  The pants were too wide leg for me.

Checking out!  San Diego, here I come!


  1. Fun! Like the top, especially the raspberry color your got. great color for you- But But I LOVE the wine dress on you. tres elegant!
    so what abut the tan line- anything goes! it’s a style- tell peeps you sunned INTENTIONALLY to create that look!!! dress is too awsome on you to pass up . .and what a price. .go back and get it!

  2. yeah, I agree with Mom-Mom. You should go back for that dress. it looks fabulous on you. And we can work the make-up so that the tan line barely matters.

    I think I may get the other dress, if they have it in my size. NOT that I need another dress.

  3. Ha! So your post on shopping for Blogher is SOOOOO much different than mine! I hate shopping for cocktail dresses! OY… 🙂

    HELLO! YES i’ll be there!

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