I’ve always been intrigued to check out the 4Rider Light stroller by Mutsy. Personally, I’ve always thought it looked a lot like a Bugaboo but slightly more affordable. (The Bugaboo Cameleon and Frog retail for $899 and $759, respectively; the Musty 4Rider Light retails for $499.)
Recently I had a chance to finally check one out and was impressed with all the features on the Mutsy, the look and the price-tag in comparison to others strollers of this caliber on the market.
So here are the selling points on the 4 Rider Light:

  • It’s nice and light at 19 pounds.
  • It has two front wheels, both of which swivel
  • Easy rear brake
  • The baby bassinet. Which is extra, but comes with a pre-assembled and is really plush and comfy-looking. It holds babies laying flat up to 6 months old and removes very easily with two handles. This thing is seriously awesome. I want one that I can lay in and someone can push me around in it.
  • The stroller pushes like a knife through butter. Seriously, you know you’re a Mom when you get so excited about the push on a stroller. It’s smooth and easy to navigate.
  • The handle bar is adjustable – which is great when you have two parents of different heights pushing the stroller and need to adjust it to be comfortable.
  • It comes in just about every color you’d ever want in a stroller. There are eleven of them. Take your pick: Black (new color), Active Coffee (new), Yellow (new), Blue (new), White (new), Active Black (Charcoal), Red, Lime, Ocean, Pink, Orange.

The bottom line and the best thing about this stroller is leeway it gives you to customize it to your own liking. Seriously, I’ve never seen a stroller with more options and add-ons. More and more, I’m really finding stroller usage to be a personal thing. Sure, we all may have a general consensus about a few strollers, but everyone has their one or two selling points and needs. A Mom with one infant has a different need than a Mom with a toddler, or a Mom with multiple kids.
(Check out the Mutsy FunSeat for your toddler – your stroller instantly turns into a fun “ride” and they can feel as though they are driving and steering! And it comes with a large mesh basket that can just about fit your house inside, it’s so big.)
But that’s just what’s nice about this stroller, it works for all sorts of needs as you can tailor it to your own specific wants in a stroller.
The 4 Rider Light sells for $499. You can use coupon code mws10offmutsy for 10% off your order at Bare Babies of that and any other Mutsy product (except the Spider, which is already on sale). Plus orders over $99 ship for free!

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