I’ve been cheating lately. My “diaper bag” hasn’t really been a diaper bag. With two kids under the age of 4, my diaper bag needs should have grown. But lately I’ve become very efficient at packing lightly. Part of that is in thanks to great diaper organizers I am lucky to test out writing here, but also, I think I’m just tired of carrying it all. So I’m down to the bare minimum. My oldest gets almost nothing in my bag other than the occasional juice (or my water bottle), poor kid. But being potty trained and being #1 with a baby brother, he’s gotten the Mom-bag boot.
And the baby gets this: one outfit, one container of some kind of snacks, diapers and wipes. I know it’s a little bit insane, and I’ll someday soon be out and lacking something essential, but for now I’m relishing my ability to carry some smaller bags.
One bag I’ve carried recently is a Merrell McGinness, the Margaret. It’s not a diaper bag at all, but it’s gorgeous. It’s big enough to work with kids, and boy have I been making it work. It has one large compartment that zippers closed, and a smaller pocket in front that snaps shut. (In my case, it fit two size three diapers and a wipes case). It also has one small pocket inside, and metal feet for setting it down.
Check out the entire line at the Merrell Bags website. Currently, they are preordering for their fall line.
The straps are short; it tucks nicely right under my arm. I almost feel too trendy for car line with this slung over my shoulder.

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