Last fall, I bought a small vial of Moroccan Oil from my hair dresser.  She was always putting a little bit into my hair when she was styling it and always going on and on extolling the virtues of using Moroccan Oil in your hair.

So I brought this small vial home and did nothing with it for months.  But lately my hair’s been really just… nasty.  I thought a cut would cure it but after a recent cut and color, I still wasn’t loving it.

I decided to try the Moroccan Oil and I am now completely obsessed with it.  It is doing WONDERS for my hair.  This vial pictured is the one I have.  I only put a small drop of it in my hair when it’s wet after I’m out of the shower – I brush it through and I swear it’s like some sort of magic potion, people.  My hair is smooth, silky and full of body.

And my biggest concern?  That it would be oily and nasty?  Totally unfounded.  RUN to your hairdresser and get yourself some Moroccan Oil – or order it online.  You can get the 3.4 oz bottle of Moroccan Oil (this is the one I have, it lasts as you only need a small drop!) from Beauty Collection for $16.


  1. I completely agree about this product. I have used it and love the way it makes my hair feel:) I also love how that small bottle lasts forever. Speaking of, I think it is time for me to order more. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I mentioned the Moroccan oil to my stylist today and she said, she uses it on my hair before blow drying!!! No wonder my hair is so silky after seeing her!!! She gave me a sample to try at home!!! Think I will be buying some from her next visit!!! Glad you mentioned it Whitney!!!

  3. I like it.

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