Over the last few years of running this site, I had heard a lot of talk about the Svan high chair. I strongly disliked the one we used with my oldest – a Baby Trend model that’s no longer sold in stores. So I was interested to test out the Svan chair, especially after I had reluctantly pulled the Baby Trend out of the basement.
This is now my latest baby product obsession. The price point is higher than your “average” high chair, there’s no denying that. But what makes this worthwhile is it’s versatility in comparison to other high chairs. This one lasts for years as it grows with your child. It converts into various stages – baby, toddler and can even be used as a computer chair for a teenager. I feel like that alone makes the price justifiable.
Other amazing selling points: it’s small. It’s not some monstrosity in my kitchen, but compact and it actually compliments the room. I have it in a natural wood, which matches our kitchen table. But you can pick whatever wood stain you’d like, other than natural, it also comes in cherry, whitewash, espresso and mahogany. There are also 9 cushion choices.
It comes with a tray cover which pops off easily for wipe down or cleaning in the dishwasher. And the whole thing cleans so easily – I wipe it down after each meal with a wet paper towel and it cleans much more quickly and efficiently than our old high chair. In short, I love it. In fact, I’m debating buying a second one since this is actually great for both boys. (Baby setting for the baby, toddler for my preschooler)
Check out the Svan site to read about all the other nifty features. It’s currently on sale at Albee Baby and they have free shipping on the chair.

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