If you don’t already know what the Tinkle is, I bet you saw this headline and gave it pause, right? So this is the Tinkle:


It’s a tiny little razor used for removing fine hairs from your face. I first ordered them for my 14 year old, who has hit that stage where he has a little bit of a ‘stash that isn’t quite ready for a big boy razor. I ordered some packs on Amazon at a friend’s recommendation but I have now discovered how much I love it for me.

This thing is the bomb! I’m a little obsessed. I run it over my face a few times a week – not only does it get that peach fuzz off but it also feels like getting a microdermabrasion – which takes dead skin cells off as well as unwanted hair and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Anyway, I had to give it a little feature because guess what – you can buy a pack of 9 for just a little over $4 on Amazon! Cheapest beauty product ever! Let me know if you try it! Get the Tinkle on Amazon.



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