I couldn’t help myself. I have two boys, and I’m not really much of a girly-girl. I’ve never really been one of those Moms with boys who look longingly at the pink I’d love to buy for my kids. But then this cute hat came from Maggie’s Rose, obviously for a girl, but I couldn’t restrain myself from trying it on the baby. He was even wearing a green tee that day, which matched the green hand-crotched Maggie’s Rose hat that came.
He’s no worse for the wear, and until one of his girlfriends finds this in 17 years, I figure he won’t mind. All in the name of “product testing,” right?
So the hats from Maggie’s Rose are hand-crocheted and very soft. I couldn’t help myself from running my hand over the crocheted part of the hat a couple of times. I wouldn’t even know where you go about finding such soft yarn. And of course the addition of the flower-bling spices the hat right up.
They come in all sizes (baby to adult) and definitely stretch. The one on the baby also fit on my 10 year old niece (although we had to stretch it a little more than it was probably intended). They also make headbands and hair clips, also adorned with flowers.
Use coupon code mr015 for 15% off your order on the Itsy Bitsy Baby Boutique. (You can also view more images hats on the Maggie’s Rose site but they don’t currently sell the hats on their site)

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