I wish I had IMAHOT’s Beatnuna, a pants expander, during my first trimester, when my stylin’ jeans fit over my hips. It was created to expand the waist of your jeans. Simply wrap it and hook it over your pants loop and you’ll be comfortable. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it with jeans and skirts as soon as these hips are small enough to get back into them!
Also from IMAHOT, a crossover nursing bra designed with hidden pockets to tuck in your breastfeeding pads. Comfortable enough to wear though the night as well as during the day.
Mommies with Style can either receive a free pants expander or a free nursing bra when purchasing a top or dress or they can have a 10% discount off their orders from IMAHOT. Send an e-mail after placing your order, expressing that you linked through from MWS and state the offer special you would prefer. Your free item will be sent with your order, or you’ll be refunded the 10%.
BTW, IMAHOT is pronounced ee-mah-hote, meaning “motherhood” in Hebrew. Thanks to Mommy with Style, Marci, for the transaltion.


  1. wow! I am not yet pregnant (but follow many pregnancy/mommy blogs and boards), but this looks amazing! Thank you for sharing! I posted this on one of the pregnancy boards I follow. I hope it helps them!

  2. I wish this existed back when I was pregnant. I think it is such a clever idea. The things I did to continue to wear my non-maternity jeans back when I was pregnant are embarrassing. I will definitely keep note of this for when I do get pregnant again. Thanks for sharing!

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