We love the Immaculate Baking Company’s new Better Bakes Organic Cookie Dough (between $3.49 to $3.99 per 14 ounce package). In addition to some flavors being totally organic and others mostly organic, this cookie dough contains no trans fats, preservatives, or artificial flavors. And they were absolutely delicious! Their Peanut Butter, Vanilla Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin flavors are 100% organic and their Triple Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Chunk are 70% organic. Don’t eat the raw dough (you know I have to say that). 

The dough comes pre-portioned in 24 pieces. My 3 year old and I had a terrific time "making them" by placing them (or in his case, slamming them down) on the cookie sheet. All of the types bake at 325 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Since all the flavors had exactly the same directions, it was very easy to NOT screw them up. Since they were organic and a healthier than other cookie doughs I’ve bought or made, I felt good about letting my child eat them. We honestly loved each flavor, but our favorites were the Triple Chocolate Chunk and the Peanut Butter.

These cookies have a cause– the Immaculate Baking Company is the primary supporter of the Folk Artist’s Foundation and they have a "Soul Food Fund", which provides for enrichment programs such as art outreach events and workshops that pair folk artists with kids, young and old. Each package of cookies and Better Bakes features art and the artist’s bio.

I worked out the Weight Watchers points — it’s 3 points for two cookies from the Better Bakes Cookie Dough and 3 points for the small 1.25 ounce bag of Chocobillys (their chocolate chip cookie, which is so yummy).

While you can get their amazing cookies online at the Immaculate Baking Company’s online store, find the Better Bakes Organic Cookie Dough at Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, WakeFern, Harris Teeter, Shop & Shop and Publix.


  1. The quest for organic food increased a lot these days. Organic food is good for health. A proper care need to be taken regarding kids food. Its great to hear, organic dough for making cookies. Kids like cookies very much. Thanks to Immaculate Baking company. Moreover they are also supporting Folk artist’s foundation.

  2. I was just over at a friends house the other day who had bought this to give it a try. We made the Chocolate Chunk ones!! Yummy! They were much better than I anticipated after she said they were organic. Now I need to head on over to Whole Foods to get some for myself!
    p.s. just found your blog and i love it!

  3. hi,
    organic food keeps you very healthy. That cookies look very delicious. will try them out soon
    thanks for sharing this info with us.

  4. Good writing, maybe im more intrested in other posts liek this, can someone post links if they know? Thanks!

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