bebebelay.gifThe other day I was out with my son and a friend for lunch when I reached into my diaper bag and realized that I didn’t have any bibs inside! Immediately, thoughts came rushing through my head of how disastrous and messy this lunch would now be for my son! After all, he is now 10 months and when he starts eating, the food starts flying! He shoves food into his mouth so quickly and half of it usually goes down his bib. I stopped to see if I had my new Bébe Belay in my diaper bag. After panic nearly set in, I finally spotted it and attached it to a large napkin to be placed around my son’s neck. I was SO thrilled that my son’s shirt was saved for that day!
Bébe Belay is an awesome, multi-functional baby accessory that serves as an instant bib, connector clip, and pacifier holder! It takes up practically no space but can perform the tasks of an all-in-one! It reminds me of the type of connector when you go to the dentist office and they clip a bib on you. Although, this is much prettier and hipper looking and, it can do more than just sit there on your chest while you get your teeth cleaned! If you have a toddler who doesn’t wear bibs or use pacifiers anymore, you can use it to connect mittens! The Bébe Belay has a clear plastic length adjuster, and is approximately 10 inches long when fully extended. It includes one ribbon tab located on the back side, closer to one end. The plastic clips are semi-locking, meaning they contain gripping teeth and lock in place.
So the next time you reach into your diaper bag and realize you are sans-bibs, just think no problem with your Bébe Belay! Click here to pick one up!

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